Instagram Photos Becoming Ads

26 Feb

Instagram is one of the newest social media site available. In April 2012 both the Android and IPhone created an app for Instagram. It is mainly used on smartphones and occasionally users sign on through their computers. After a very successful start, Facebook decided to purchase Instagram.( SF Gate 2012) It is a place for people to share their photos. Instagram allows users to edit, redesign and transform their pictures so they appear to be more attractive. Many people use Instagram to advertise themselves. Celebrities and businesses use Instagram to promote their businesses. Some would say it is a picture version of Twitter.

Instagram has become very popular and it is continuing to grow. People like the idea of a site purely for photo sharing. Recently, however, there has been growing concerns about user’s pictures’ becoming ads. Many times users take a picture of a brand their using, or an activity they are doing; they edit the picture, making it acceptable as an ad. Increasing awareness spread across Instagram users that the brands of these companies could potentially use these pictures in their ads. Users were very confused, and wanted answers.

Here’s what happen; Instagram had been newly purchased by Facebook. All of the companies that work for Facebook have access to every photo posted on Instagram. They can take any picture from Instagram and use it in an advertisement. In turn Instagram gets paid for sharing these photos with these public organizations. This is a very strategic move on the money side of things. However, Instagram users are not impressed. They are the ones taking these pictures and are not getting paid for it; What’s more, many people feel this invades their privacy.

In February 2013, Instagram officially changed their policy settings. Anyone who agrees to the terms and conditions of Instagram are agreeing to give various organizations access to their photos to use for ads or other purposes. As a result, a significant amount of users left Instagram.

My Conclusion

I feel that the company’s main objective is to make money; they took some negative publicity for their actions but in the long run will be more profitable. Although most social media sites want to be popular, they need to eventually think about making a profit. Users of the internet should already know they are giving others access to any information they decide to post on the web. Therefore, Instagram users should just be caution when posting photos. Overall, Instagram will continue to grow because users love the idea of photo sharing as a way to stay connected.